We’re more than a design studio. We listen intently.
We study throughly. We explore deeper. We challenge
ourselves. Most importantly, we collaborate with you to
create outstanding products.


Discover how we make empathy central in all that we do.

empathy + data.

/empəthê/ - noun = The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

At the center of everything we create is a human being. We feel in order to create products that affect change and achieve the best decisions throughout the creation process, we need to be intimately familiar with our audience. It’s this belief that drives us to study and research an audience's environment. In turn, with empathy, combined with smart and thorough data, we create compelling products and identities that form deep relationships.

It’s not design alone. It takes a multidisciplinary team of experts.

b v o k l o
our expertise


It’s much more then selecting a few colors and creating a unique mark.

Creating an identity that resonates and reflects the brand is about crafting the visual representation, written word and “feeling” that is uniquely its own.

“We call this the Brand Language.”

It’s created in the blending of multiple mediums — traditional advertising, social media, new emerging media and digital experiences. The nuance and uniqueness is in how we use those platforms and weave them together with our own life experiences to create an identity that elicits a visceral, emotional response and creates an impression that lasts far longer than the experience itself.

Whether a restaurant, cyber security firm or an airline, it is crucial that every interaction speak with a voice, tone and feel, unique to each brand and consistent throughout.

For example, a waiter serving a drink at a table, a customer service representative booking a flight to St. Thomas, or a vacationer planning an excursion on their mobile — it’s the carefully crafted, consistent “brand language” that subtly but critically reinforces the user’s trust, affection and loyalty to your brand.

experience design

Perpetual students of our craft, we never stop learning. We take inspiration from the world around us and the experiences it has to offer.

Where every observation, interaction and memory is reflected in the products we build and the experiences we provide.

“We make our living dreaming and bringing those dreams to life.”

In compelling and impactful ways that transforms and enhances the lives of consumers and clients alike.

We refer to these interactions as “touch points,” taking great strides to ensure each is a seamless expression of the brand, and an appealing reflection of the audience.

Ultimately, collectively, we are storytellers — where every keystroke, word, typestyle, tone, hue and execution speaks volumes, distinguishing the uniqueness of your brand and enhancing its position in the marketplace.

product design

Bravo Kilo has built a reputation for its memorable work and executions; however, it’s our work that is never seen that attracts just as much attention.

To us, it is all about the user experience and making it as rewarding and effortless as possible. This means working behind the scenes to ensure what is not seen, the back-end stuff, flows seamlessly and sensibly from one interaction to the next without so much as causing a ripple.

Our team are “can do” kind of people, a creative collective of problem solvers, constantly striving to bring “does do” to life — to the lives of consumers, clients and the occasional passerby.

This means not only embracing new technology, but engineering it.

Whether designer, engineer, writer, artist or architect, each is equal parts entrepreneur, dreamer and inventor.

We firmly believe that if we have not made a difference in users’ lives, we haven’t done our job.

“Be Transformative.”

Compelling experiential design melds business strategy, information architecture, visual design, motion design and development, stretching the technology and art to engineer an experience like no other. One that both informs and rewards. Entertains and motivates.

All the while remaining true to your brand and its unique identity. Here, we create products with a wide range of touchpoints, each painstakingly designed to ensure the user experience remains in lockstep and dovetails flawlessly with the distinctiveness of your brand.

development solutions

We like to think of ourselves as engineers of the impossible. The bigger the challenge, the greater our enthusiasm.

To us, the reward comes from creating something spectacular where nothing existed before.

Fluent in all modern development languages, you might say we are multi-lingual. Although, we prefer “language agnostic”, turning to whichever code a particular challenge demands.

Node, Python or Ruby on Rails? MySQL or Postgres? React, Angular or JQuery? Stripe or Braintree? iOS or Android? We've built solutions with all of them, and can tailor a specific solution to meet your business needs. These are just a few of the weapons in our arsenal, and we're incorporating new ones just as quickly as they're written.

Of course, when it makes sense, you’ll find no greater champion of open source than us. After all, sometimes owning your own code can be expensive and a challenge to maintain. Open source can be a tremendous asset in such situations. No sense in reinventing the wheel when your resources can be better spent perfecting it.

Long story short, show us a problem to be solved, and we will show you the best, most efficient and impactful way to tackle it. Content Management Systems, E-commerce, SEO, SEM, CMS, Visual Design, Prototyping, Salesforce, front and back-end are our calling cards.


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Where design and technology meet is where you will find us. It’s at this intersection that, together, we embark upon creating life-altering brands that forgo convention and expectation to forge lasting bonds between you and your audience.

We are in this together. Partners. Creating people-centric user experiences that leave all parties better for having experienced it.

strategic planning

Audience Research, Market Research, Competitive Landscape Analysis, Business Process Analysis, Internet Stratey, Product Planning, Web Analytics

experience design

Audience Scenarios, Personas, Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Workflow Development, Schematics Development, Usability Testing


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